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  • The Golden Dream

    Diego Quemada-Díez

    Three Guatemalan teens travel the same well-trodden path as many thousands before, searching for the American Dream in Diego Quemada-Díez's outstanding illegal immigration drama.

  • Boyhood

    Richard Linklater

    A deeply intimate coming-of-age epic shot in less than 6 weeks over 12 years with the actors meeting up every once in a while for just a few days at a time as schedules allowed.

  • Begin Again

    John Carney

    A retro odd couple comedy brings a young singer-songwriter into contact with a washed-up producer where charm renders any contrivance largely irrelevant.

  • Camille Claudel 1915

    Bruno Dumont

    Bruno Dumont's profound new feature dramatises Camille Claudel's traumatic confinement in an asylum after being 'diagnosed' with paranoid schizophrenia two years earlier.

  • Venus in Fur (La Vénus à la fourrure)

    Roman Polanski

    Roman Polanski's smart take on David Ive's Broadway two-hander of the same name, with one story reflecting others in a smoke and mirrors multi-layered account of men submitting to women's power.

  • Fading Gigolo

    John Turturro

    A sub-Woody Allen picture/homage starring the man himself is more enjoyable than the daft plot would suggest but only fully comes alive in fits and starts.

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