Wakolda (aka ‘The German Doctor’)

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  • Wakolda (aka ‘The German Doctor’)

    Lucía Puenzo

    Lucía Puenzo's chilling new drama has Josef Mengele living with an Argentine family, oblivious to his true identity.

  • The Rover

    David Michôd

    David Michôd's dystopian road movie dissects a brutal Social Darwinism when the tables turn on a society that becomes the victim of its own ideology.

  • Mood Indigo

    Michel Gondry

    Gondry's adaptation of Boris Vian's surreal/absurd 1947 novel, 'L'Ecume des Jours', loses momentum after a lively opening.

  • Joe

    David Gordon Green

    A triumphant return to form for David Gordon Green, who breathes new life into the increasingly worn-out southern-Gothic sub-genre with this compelling Texan mood piece, which finds compassion and brutality cohabiting in America's semi-lawless backwaters.

  • The Golden Dream

    Diego Quemada-Díez

    Three Guatemalan teens travel the same well-trodden path as many thousands before, searching for the American Dream in Diego Quemada-Díez's outstanding illegal immigration drama.

  • Boyhood

    Richard Linklater

    A deeply intimate coming-of-age epic shot in less than 6 weeks over 12 years with the actors meeting up every once in a while for just a few days at a time as schedules allowed.

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