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Karlovy Vary Preview: Signe Baumane’s ‘Rocks in My Pockets’

June 30th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Signe Baumane has established her reputation with many animation shorts since 2003, culminating in the Berlin nominated ‘Birth’.  Continuing with animation for her first feature, ‘Rocks in My Pockets’, she tackles the challenging subject of mental illness and genetics based on the filmmaker’s own family.  Baumane is already in post-production on another animation feature, ‘The Golden Horse’, adapted from Janis Rainis’ play of the same name.
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Karlovy Vary Preview: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson’s ‘Paris of the North’

June 30th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson is best known for collaborating with David Gordon Green on Berlin Silver Bear winner, ‘Prince Avalanche’.  Green based it on Sigurðsson’s debut film ‘Either Way’, and the Icelandic filmmaker co-wrote the script.  Sigurðsson now returns with his second feature, ‘Paris of the North’, which depicts a difficult relationship between a teacher and his reformed alcoholic father.
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‘Transformers 4’ exceeds $200m internationally

June 30th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Michael Bay’s sci-fi blockbuster, ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’, enjoyed a monster weekend internationally, grossing a whopping $201.3m for a new 2014 opening high.  China was the film’s most successful market with a jaw dropping $90m followed by Russia and South Korea with $21.7m and $21.5m contributions respectively.  Although it opened in a modest 37 markets, Paramount had targeted franchise strongholds.propecia online singapore
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‘Transformers 4’ sets new 2014 high

June 30th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Michael Bay’s blockbuster, ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’, starring Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor, is not only the year’s highest North American opener but also hit the $100m weekend milestone to boot.


An ‘A-‘ CinemaScore from first night audiences had far more impact on word-of-mouth than abysmal reviews – currently 18% on RT – and propelled it to a strong $23,623 per-theatre average.  Imax contributed an impressive 10% towards the overall tally from 353 screens.


The sci-fi adventure is the fourth instalment of the franchise and the first not to feature Shia LaBeouf.  It finished slightly higher than its immediate predecessor, ‘Dark of the Moon’, but couldn’t equal the franchise high $108.9m from the second film, ‘Revenge of the Fallen’.


But it’s all relative, of course; the film having a whacking $180m production budget and a monster $145m marketing spend to lend a helping propecia sydney
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Karlovy Vary Preview: Jeff Preiss’ ‘Low Down’

June 30th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Cinematographer and experimental filmmaker, Jeff Preiss, made his feature debut with ‘Low Down’, which premiered in competition at this year’s Sundance.  It’s a biopic on the talented but largely unknown jazz musician, Joe Albany, who, unlike some of his contemporaries, could not progress a musical career alongside serious drug addiction.  Preiss assembled a particularly strong cast, including John Hawkes, Elle Fanning and Glenn Close.
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Karlovy Vary Preview: David Lambert’s ‘All Yours’ (‘Je Suis a Toi’)

June 30th, 2014 - Graham Eley

After exploring a challenging relationship during his debut feature, ‘Beyond the Walls’, which premiered in Cannes’ Critics’ Week, David Lambert does the same with his follow-up, ‘All Yours’ (‘Je Suis a Toi’).  This time a Belgian baker rescues an Argentinian escort from the streets but expects too much commitment by return.  Picking up on a familiar contemporary theme, the couple first met on the Internet.
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Karlovy Vary preview: Andrea Sedlackova’s ‘Fair Play’

June 29th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Andrea Sedlackova has made his name editing and received a César nomination for Philippe Lioret’s ‘Welcome’ five years ago.  With drugs abuse still plaguing international sport, Sedlackova returns to 1980’s Eastern Europe for his third feature behind the camera, ‘Fair Play’, when steroids formed part of the standard training programme.  A potentialy stirring plot has a mother and coach conspiring to apply performance enhancing drugs to a young athlete against her will.order propecia australia
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Karlovy Vary Preview: Pascal Rabaté’s ‘Patchwork Family’ (‘Du goudron et des plumes’)

June 29th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Pascal Rabaté returns to Karlovy Vary where he picked up best director for ‘Holidays by the Sea’ three years ago.  His follow up, ‘Patchwork Family’ (‘Du goudron et des plumes’) is a comedy drama starring Sami Bouajila (‘Days of Glory’) and Isabelle Carré (‘Anna M.’, ‘Beautiful Memories’) and features a divorced father whose life changes dramatically after meeting a single mother and entering a popular TV competition show.  It receives a world premiere just ahead of its theatrical launch in France.
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Karlovy Vary Preview: Miroslav Krobot’s ‘Nowhere in Moravia’ (‘Dira u Hanusovic’)

June 29th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Miroslav Krobot is a theatre director and actor best known to filmgoers for playing the lead in Béla Tarr’s ‘The Man from London’.  This is his debut feature – although he has directed TV work – and Tatiana Vilhelmová (‘The Idiot Returns’, ‘Something Like Happiness’) plays a barkeeper looking for companionship within rural Czech Republic.  It’s a comedy drama with Krobot co-writing the script propecia sydney
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Miss Violence

June 29th, 2014 - Graham Eley

As disturbing as the film’s title, Alexandros Avranas’ second feature, ‘Miss Violence’, covers a lot of ground, superficially resembling Michael Haneke’s early work and coincidentally drifting into Godardian political territory but always remaining a product of its time and place and having much to offer a discerning viewer.


And it’s seriously ambitious, blending those often uncomfortable bed fellows, a single minded intellectual rigour and an intense hard edged realism, but keeps everything in check – masterfully – with a formalism in complete alignment with the film’s emotional temperature.


The drama unfolds slowly in a modest family home and its immediate surroundings against the backdrop of severe Greek austerity but this is not an analogy as some would have us believe but a part of it.


It begins with an ending for an eleven year old, who calmly jumps to her death from a high balcony window during a birthday party.  She was one of four girls living with the family, being either the daughter or granddaughter or, possibly, both of the softly spoken but creepy patriarch, ‘Father’, who rules with an iron rode.  The eldest, Eleni, was the mother of the dead girl but seems unmoved by her death, plodding along with a nervous grin and a Stepford Wives like mechanical nothingness and could pass for something from a zombie picture.  Everything points to a Josef Fritzl type set-up but the suspicious authorities can find no evidence and Avranas is giving little away.


Father is a frustrated accountant/brute who has hit hard times but has enough to keep the family going – just.  There are hints of secret business deals, which take him to dodgy locales seen at close quarters or from long shots that come across as an eerie extension of his self-contained domestic realm and slightly beyond our grasp.


And then, out of the blue, there is an abrupt change, all the more potent for the previous restraint.  Suddenly, we are drilling deep beneath the film’s surface to the vile excrement of a Capitalist system gone wrong, where extreme patriarchal control and a jet black market serve a monstrous self-gratification and greed, a terrifyingly real and depraved ‘individualism’.


But there remains a consistency to the film’s style – a highly alarming indifference – which echoes Father’s attempts to naturalise everything.  ‘It almost seems like nothing has happened’ says one of the suicide investigators.


Themis Panou is intriguing in the lead role, providing a compelling portrait of a character who pays fastidious attention to those minute everyday details that his conduct renders irrelevant.


And experienced cinematographer, Olympia Mytilinaiou, does much to set the film’s pace and tone.


This is a nasty film that deliberately leaves us with a foul taste but demands attention.  Which it did at the Venice International Film Festival where Avranas and Panou won best director and actor cialis 20 mg generic cialis online cheap cialis generic availablepurchase cialis ireland cialis monthly cost buy cialis with dapoxetine cialis generic buy


‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ on pace for highest opening of the year

June 28th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Michael Bay’s latest blockbuster, ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’, starring Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor, is on course for the highest opening of the year so far at the North American weekend box office after grossing a powerful $41.3m on Friday (including Thursday previews).  It should also be the year’s first film to exceed the $100m milestone over the three days and, with a strong Saturday, could reach as high as $105m.


The franchise fans enjoyed the sci-fi adventure far more than critics awarding it a healthy ‘A-‘ CinemaScore against an appalling 18% RT critical rating.  Unsurprisingly, 64% of the audience was male.


With a whopping $180m production budget and a monster $145m marketing spend, it was under considerable pressure to deliver the goods.  It opened on a market high 4243 theatres.


Friday’s success follows a lively opening four days overseas where estimates suggest that it has already exceeded $ generic cialis uk order cialis in uk cheap cialis 40 mg without prescription cialis when will cialis go generic in us cialis price nz cialis cost at costco

Karlovy Vary Preview: Nariman Turebayev’s ‘Adventure’ (‘Priklyuchenie’)

June 28th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Nariman Turebayev has had reasonable exposure on the festival circuit from his first two features, ‘Malenkie lyudi’ and ‘Sunny Days’, including two Locarno Golden Leopard nominations, but only limited theatrical distribution.  It’s difficult to see that pattern changing with his follow up, an idiosyncratic musical adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s early short story, ‘White Nights’.  The tale of a nondescript man’s unrequited love for a young woman missing a former lover has already attracted, amongst many others, Luchino Visconti, Robert Bresson and James Gray.

Sarah Polley comes aboard ‘Looking For Alaska’

June 26th, 2014 - admin

Almost a decade ago, Paramount optioned John Green’s YA debut novel, ‘Looking For Alaska’ before leaving it on the shelf.  But ever since the huge box office success of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ based upon a subsequent Green bestseller – surprise, surprise – Paramount has returned to its acquisition.  Cynical it may be, but at least the studio has lined up the talented Sarah Polley (‘Away From Her’, ‘Stories We Tell’) to direct.cialis generic drug cialis price england buy cialis online paypal cialis online with mastercard where to buy cialis online in canada order brand cialis cheap cialis online australia

Venice announces international jury head

June 24th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Prolific film composer and multi-award winner, Alexandre Desplat, will head this year’s international jury at the Venice Film Festival.  It may not go down well with purists – no other composer has ever presided over the jury – but there can be no disputing Desplat’s engagement with film at the highest level.  Festival director, Alberto Barbera, has yet to announce the other nine jurors.generic cialis in australia purchase cialis australia cialis online discount cheap cialis drug buy cialis uk cheap online drugstore cialis buy cialis next day delivery

Buy Essay For Me

June 24th, 2014 - Barbara Thompson

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‘Maleficent’ regains No. 1 spot

June 24th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ returns to the No.1 spot at the international weekend box office for the first time since opening at the beginning of the month, after a close contest with DreamWorks’ ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’.


Boosted by a powerful $20.3m China debut, ‘Maleficent’ grossed $44.7m for a new $335.6m international running total.


‘Dragon 2’ was only $1.2m behind as it took its early international tally to $77.2m with Australia being the animation adventure’s highest weekend earner on $ generic cialis online usa cost for cialis from walmart how to buy cialis online usa buy cialis with priligy online can you buy cialis online legallycost cialis costco buy cialis kuala lumpur

Close battle at the North American box office

June 23rd, 2014 - Graham Eley

Tim Story’s $28m niche feature, ‘Think Like a Man Too’, starring Kevin Hart, won the battle of Sony comedy sequels at the North American weekend box office – just.  The battle-of-the-sexes extravaganza gave the Story/Hart collaboration its second No. 1 of the year after setting a new MLK weekend record with ‘Ride Along’ during January but the film proved slightly more front loaded than expected after a strong Friday opening; something that raises concerns over possible market saturation.  In the end, it grossed a so -so $30m to finish $3m lower than the original’s debut and the market’s revised forecast for the sequel.


As expected, a strong female following – 63% of the audience – turned out in droves and enjoyed it far more than the critics; an ‘A- CinemaScore’ against a poor 23% RT critical rating.  59% of the audience were 30 or over.


Last weekend’s No.1,’ 22 Jump Street’, had a decent hold in second place and finished only $1m behind over the three days.  This represents a 54.5% week-on-week fall after stripping out the opening Thursday previews.


The other weekend wide opener, Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Broadway’s Four Season’s musical ‘Jersey Boys’, starring Christopher Walken and John Lloyd Young, earned a disappointing $13m in fourth place.  It struggled to attract a mainstream audience notwithstanding another ‘A- CinemaScore’, which proved less influential than indifferent reviews and a current 55% RT critical rating.  Its target older age groups dominated the audience but the film needs wider appeal to justify the $40m production budget.


And DreamWorks Animation’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ came in third after a solid $25.3m hold.generic cialis tabs cialis online nabp buy cialis ebaygeneric cialis effectiveness buy generic cialis online australia buying cialis online canada cialis daily cost canada

‘The Homesman’ receives release date

June 22nd, 2014 - Graham Eley

Tommy Lee Jones’ Cannes title, ‘The Homesman’, will arrive in US theatres on November 7.  It’s Jones’ second feature in the director’s chair after the acclaimed ‘The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada’ ten years ago and follows an 18th century pioneer woman making a precarious journey across America to fulfil an unusual mission.  A stellar cast includes Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep and Hailee Steinfeld with Jones playing the army deserter of the film’s title.generic cialis 20mg ukpurchase cialis in usa buy generic cialis online europe generic cialis online mastercard generic cialis free shipping cialis online mastercard buy cialis for daily use online

Christmas Day opening for ‘Selma’

June 22nd, 2014 - Graham Eley

Ava DuVernay’s keenly anticipated Civil Rights drama, ‘Selma’, starring David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King Jr, will receive a limited North American release on Christmas Day for the launch of a serious awards campaign.  It dramatises the landmark protest march that forced President Johnson to extend the vote and Paramount will open the film wide on January 9, 2015, being the 50th anniversary of the statute coming into force.  Brad Pitt’s Plan B is on board as one of the producers.want to buy cialis online does online cialis work cialis next day delivery usa cialis online au cheap prescription cialisgeneric cialis jelly buy cialis tablets australia

Tim Story looking for 2nd No.1 of the year

June 21st, 2014 - Graham Eley

Tim Story’s comedy sequel ‘Think Like a Man Too’, starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy and Jerry Ferrara, grossed an impressive $1.8m from 1,825 theatres when it arrived at the North American box office at 20.00 for Thursday previews.  A critical mauling – 23% on RT – is unlikely to cut any ice with the established fan base and the film should gross around $32m over the weekend.  This will be enough to hand Story his second No. 1 of the year after ‘Ride Along’ smashed the MLK weekend record during January.cialis generic canadian pharmacy buy cialis reviews cheap cialis free shipping generic cialis vs brand cialis reviews buy cialis daily use online online pharmacy cialis united states cialis online consultation

‘Jersey Boys’ could fall short of market estimates

June 21st, 2014 - Graham Eley

Clint Eastwood’s big screen version of Broadway’s ‘Jersey Boys’, starring Christopher Walken and John Lloyd Young, received its North American premiere Thursday night when closing the 20th Los Angeles Film Festival.  Warner Bros wasted no time launching its theatrical run with midnight screenings, but the Four Season’s musical looks set to fall short of the $15m market estimates for the weekend session.  Given the film’s nostalgic subject matter, it is unlikely to reach much beyond the target older tadalafil 10mg online order cialis safely online cialis generic online india best online generic cialis cheap daily cialis onlinecialis online germany cheap cialis 10mg

Haneke delays shoot

June 21st, 2014 - Graham Eley

Michael Haneke has delayed entering production on ‘Flashmob’, being the follow up to his Palme d’Or winning ‘Amour’, until the Austrian auteur’s favoured choice for lead actress is available.  It’s a contemporary drama that explores the relationship between the Internet and reality through various characters who collide at a random social media event.  Filming should have got under way this summer.cialis online lloyds pharmacy order cialis online from usabuy cialis using paypalbuying cialis from mexico get cialis cheap cialis online best place buy buy cialis generic canada

LA Film Festival 2014 (June, 11-19)

June 20th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Opening film, Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Snowpiercer’, eventually arrives in the US after the South Korean auteur’s well publicised dispute with Harvey ‘Scissorhands’ Weinstein over non-director cuts.


Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Broadway’s Four Season’s musical ‘Jersey Boys’, starring Christopher Walken and John Lloyd Young, receives a North American premiere as the closing film, a day before starting its theatrical run.


There are further festival outings for Justin Simien’s ‘Dear White People’ and Hossein Amini’s ‘The Two Faces of January’ ahead of their limited North American theatrical releases this coming October.


The narrative competition has seven world premieres, including the final part of Mike Ott’s desert trilogy, ‘Lake Los Angeles’.


And the documentary counterpart boasts the first public screening of  ‘Stray Dog’, Debra Granik’s keenly awaited follow up to her Oscar nominated ‘Winter’s Bone’.


Narrative competition:


10 Minutes

Lee Yong-Seung

North American Premiere


Lee Yong-Seung’s debut feature, ’10 Minutes’, receives its North American premiere after enjoying festival success in Asia.  Baek Jong-hwan and Lee See-won star in this contemporary drama that explores professional competition in the workplace and family pressures at home.  It picked up the FIPRESCI Prize at Pusan and Hong Kong and the Golden Wheel at Vesoul Asian.




Sam Esmail

World Premiere


Sam Esmail launches his idiosyncratic comedy, ‘Comet’, starring the Golden Globe nominated Emmy Rossum (‘The Phantom of the Opera’) alongside Justin Long.  It’s a non-chronological telling of a six-year romance between an unlikely couple and should comfortably fit into the indie romCom sub-genre.  Esmail’s only previous directorial experience was with the short, ‘Deep Down in Florida’, which debuted at the AFI Fest ten years ago.



Lake Los Angeles

Mike Ott

World Premiere


Mike Ott launches a feature at LAFF for the first time since his debut film, ‘Analog Days’, eight years ago.  And the film’s location is at the nearby Lake Los Angeles, a Sixties artificial paradise resort gone wrong and now a waste land for society’s outsiders with nowhere else to go.  Otto looks at it from the perspective of two illegal immigrants; one a Cuban exile working at a holding house and the other a 10 year old Mexican girl who has lost contact with her family.  Both came to the US searching for a promised land and discovered the ghost of an artificial American Dream instead, a tragic but familiar irony.  It seems to have the same spirit as Alma Har’el’s outstanding ‘Bombay Beach’, a fitting conclusion to Ott’s desert trilogy after ‘Littlerock’ and ‘Pearblossom Hwy’.  Strictly speaking, Ott gives us a narrative drama and Har’el a documentary, but they are likely to meet at the half way point with a fusion of the two disciplines.  There are high expectations for this one.



Man From Reno

Dave Boyle

World Premiere


Dave Boyle changes direction from his trademark comedy dramas to the thriller genre but continues to explore bilingual Japanese/English story-lines.  Ayako Fujitani plays a Japanese novelist in America who becomes involved with a real life mystery case of the kind that would normally find its way into her novels.  It will be interesting to see whether Boyle can give a twist of his own to this familiar concept.



Recommended By Enrique

Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia

World Premiere


Loosely based on a true story, Rania Attieh’s and Daniel Garcia’s latest collaboration, ‘Recommended By Enrique’, is set in the border town of Del Rio, Texas.  The film features two strangers; a hopeful actress coming to terms with a no-show film director and an ageing cowboy whose associate has had to pack his bags in a hurry.  It offers an obvious ready made opportunity for exploring celebrity, social constructs, other filmic myths and an array of different ‘borders’ that extend beyond the geographical.  The filmmakers previously made the Lebanese drama, ‘Ok, Enough, Goodbye’.




Kimberly Levin

World Premiere


Kimberly Levin makes her feature debut with ‘Runoff’ (formerly known as ‘Land of Tomorrow’), a tough rural drama in the American indie tradition.  It looks at the desperate reality of a rundown economy in America’s backwater and Joanne Kelly stars as a mother who commits a serious crime to keep her family farm solvent when her husband falls ill.  Emerging cinematographer, Hermes Marco, shot the film.



Someone You Love

Pernille Fischer Christensen

North American Premiere


Pernille Fischer Christensen’s fourth feature, ‘Someone You Love’ receives its North American premiere after debuting at Berlin earlier this year with a special gala screening.  This followed Christensen’s previous successes in Berlin’s main competition with ‘A Soap’ and ‘The Family’, which picked up the Jury Grand Prix Silver Bear and international critics’ FIPRESCI Prize respectively.  In the latest, Mikael Persbrandt, best known for starring in Susanne Bier’s Oscar winner, ‘In a Better World’, plays a world renowned singer-songwriter, who discovers new family ties and perspectives after returning from L.A. to Denmark when cutting a new album.



Uncertain Terms

Nathan Silver

World Premiere


Brooklyn filmmaker, Nathan Silver, is a familiar figure on the festival circuit but yet to reach a wider indie audience.  Silver has approached filmmaking as an organic collaboration, encouraging his actors to improvise on set and we can expect more of the same with his fourth feature, ‘Uncertain Terms’.  It’s a romantic comedy set in a boarding house for pregnant teens where the owner’s nephew is caught in a complex love triangle.



The Young Kieslowski

Kerem Sanga

World Premiere


Kerem Sanga’s low budget second feature, ‘The Young Kieslowski’, is a rites of passage comedy drama starring Ryan Malgarini and Haley Lu Richardson.  It seems to tread some familiar ground – almost inevitably – but a quirky twist on the sub-genre’s usual conventional plotting gives the film a chance of standing out from the crowd.  Two awkward youngsters unprepared for adult responsibilities discover that they are having twins.generic cialis tabs cialis online nabp buy cialis ebaygeneric cialis effectiveness buy generic cialis online australia buying cialis online canada cialis daily cost canada

Ann Hui returns to Venice

June 19th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Ann Hui’s latest feature, ‘The Golden Era’, starring Tang Wei (‘Lust, Caution’) will close this year’s Venice International Film Festival with a screening out of competition.  It’s a biopic of Feminist writer, Xiao Hong, who made a significant impact on Chinese literature before her early death during WW2.  Hui will also head the jury for Venice’s Horizons section, which rewards innovation amongst emerging filmmakers.  Her previous film, ‘A Simple Life’, earned Deanie Ip the best actress award at Venice three years ago.cost of prednisone 20 mg
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McGregor boards ‘American Pastoral’ adaptation

June 19th, 2014 - Graham Eley
Ewan McGregor has come aboard Phillip Noyce’s adaptation of Phillip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize winner, ‘American Pastoral’ and will play the lead.  It’s a disturbing drama where American complacency and brutal reality collide with devastating consequences for a contented businessman after his daughter turns to terrorism.  Screenwriter, John Romero, best known for ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’, provides the script.prednisone cheap online
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Two films dramatising the Bowe Bergdahl exchange

June 18th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Hot on the heels of the US government swapping five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in return for kidnap victim, Bowe Bergdahl, two leading filmmakers are already developing rival features to depict the story.


Fox Searchlight has picked up rights to Michael Hastings’ Rolling Stone article ‘America’s Last Prisoner Of War’ and lined up Todd Field (‘In The Bedroom’, ‘Little Children’) to direct.


Meanwhile, Kathryn Bigelow (‘The Hurt Locker’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’) had already renewed her collaboration with regular screenwriter, Mark Boal, for dramatising Bergdahl’s story long before his release.


Both filmmakers are also working on other high profile projects, which may have to wait.prednisone 5 mg price
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Steven Spielberg’s Cold War thriller receives release date

June 16th, 2014 - Graham Eley

DreamWorks will release Steven Spielberg’s follow up to his Oscar nominated ‘Lincoln’ on October 16th, 2015.  It remains without a title but will loosely follow the US’s real life negotiations with the KGB for Gary Powers’ release at the height of the Cold War.  The incident sparked controversy when declassified CIA documents revealed that Powers’ account of his capture was correct notwithstanding inconsistencies with the official National Security Agency report, which cast doubt over the American’s conduct.  The film took on another dimension recently when the Coen Bros agreed to rewrite the script ahead of filming this coming September.  Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance co-star.can i order prednisone online
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Cinema Guild takes Loznitsa’s Cannes title

June 16th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Niche distributor, Cinema Guild, has taken US distribution rights to Sergei Loznitsa’s ninth feature, ‘Maidan’, which premiered at Cannes with a special screening out of competition.  It marks Loznitsa’s return to the documentary format after ‘My Joy’ and ‘In the Fog’ and follows the ongoing civil unrest in his native Ukraine.  There will be a theatrical run later this year followed by a VoD release.prednisone for purchase
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Huge China opening boosts ‘Godzilla’

June 16th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Warner Bros’ ‘Godzilla’ returned to the No. 1 spot at the international weekend box office for the first time since its huge opening during May’s third weekend.  As is often the way, a slightly later China debut gave it a massive boost, contributing a whacking $36m towards the film’s overall $38m tally.  This represents the studio’s highest ever three-day opening in the territory.


Last weekend’s No. 1, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, was a mere $0.6m behind.  China held well notwithstanding the pressure from ‘Godzilla’ and it was the film’s strongest market for the second weekend running with a $9.3m return.  Doug Liman’s sci-fi adventure now stands at $181m internationally.generic prednisolone eye drops
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2nd highest ever R-rated comedy opening

June 16th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Phil Lord’s and Christopher Miller’s 22 Jump Street, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, grossed a stunning $60m from 3,306 theatres for the North American weekend box office’s second highest ever R-rated comedy opening.  A powerful Friday launch, strong reviews – currently 83% on Rotten Tomatoes – and an ‘A-‘ CinemaScore propelled word of mouth over the session, leaving the 21 sequel $5m higher than the very top end market forecasts.  It’s the second time this year that the filmmaking duo have exceeded market expectations after their The Lego Movie massively over performed during its February debut.


At one stage, $65m looked a possibility; particularly as an even gender split suggested that it was playing as a date movie.  But it was front loaded in keeping with the genre’s sequels, and slowed down slightly more than anticipated on Saturday.


The weekend’s other wide opener, How to Train Your Dragon 2, earned $50m from a market high 4,253 theatres – huge for an animated feature – which was in line with the low end of already high market projections.  It’s ‘A’ CinemaScore and exceptional reviews – 92% on RT – should lay the foundations for a strong summer run.


If there was no downward revision to Dragon 2’s tally, it would be only the fourth time that two films have debuted at $50m or over during the same weekend.  They have all fallen in June including last years Monsters University and World War Z.


And both films accounted for 60% of the top ten’s overall tally.cost of prednisone 10mg
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June 15th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Everybody understands what’s what in the caged West Bank locale of Hany Abu-Assad’s new political thriller, ‘Omar’, where double and triple crossing is the norm and somebody once famously spray graffitied “Ich bin ein” (“I am a Berliner”) on a emblematic concrete separation barrier that’s topped with the obligatory concentration camp style barbed wire.


The frantic chase scenes shot in the labyrinth of narrow streets – glorified alley ways – inevitably bring to mind the ‘Battle of Algiers’ but the dynamics are very different here.  There can be no winner; a contaminated half-backed resistance to self defeating ‘Big Brother’ external occupation, which feeds the region’s instability that naive politicians, so-called major players, once thought it would eliminate.


This is what paranoia feels and smells like from close quarters with pawns from both sides negotiating the ramifications of a historical mishap that defines the future in a way that defies political reality.


Adam Bakri brings intensity and sensitivity to the title character, a strikingly handsome militant, who has formed a terrorist cell with two friends from childhood.  He is ruthless in the name of the cause but turns his hand to poetry when exchanging secret love letters with Nadia, the cell leader’s sister.  It comes across as young love with a charm and innocence that will strike Western viewers as a throw back to a lost age but there is more to Nadia than meets the eye.


Waleed Zuaiter plays Israeli security agent, Rami, who could pass for being Palestinian.  He interrogates Omar but they form an obvious bond that’s never discussed or acknowledged; both men being acutely aware of a forbidden territory where friendship is far worse than collaboration.  The film’s best scene has Rami on the phone to his wife when “stuck in the middle of the fucking West Bank” and Omar causally watches the man behind the security mask, momentarily forgetting all divisions.


And this takes us to the film’s core, the complex mingling of the political and the quotidian where betrayal and torture conceal the real tragedy.


The film occasionally outgrows its thriller format, appearing a little forced near the end, but this a small gripe for an otherwise throughly compelling 96 mins.prednisone online buy
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Lord/Miller directing duo catches markets off-guard for 2nd time this year

June 15th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are heading for their second opening weekend of the year that massively exceeds expectations at the North American box office after ’22 Jump Street’ arrived with a stunning $25m on Friday (including a $5.5m haul from Thursday previews).  Boosted by an ‘A-‘ CinemaScore from first night audiences and strong reviews – currently 83% on Rotten Tomatoes – Sony /MGM’s crime comedy sequel is heading for a three day tally around the $62m mark being over $10m more than market predictions.  This follows the directing duo’s sensational opening with  ‘The Lego Movie’ during February, which again caught analysts off guard.


The weekend’s other wide opener, ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ also enjoyed a strong Friday.  It grossed $18.5m (inc $2m from Thursday night) ahead of its target family audience arriving on Saturday and Sunday, and an ‘A’ CinemaScore and exceptional reviews – 92% on RT – should propel it towards an impressive $55m over the session.


It would be only the fourth time that two films have debuted over $50m during the same prednisone 1 mg
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22 Jump Street takes commanding early lead

June 14th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Both of this weekend’s wide releases, 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2, are heading for bumper sessions at the North American box office.


Sony /MGM’s 21 sequel, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, landed at 19.00 on Thursday night with a powerful $5.5m and laid the foundations for an above expectations $65m weekend.


That will be enough to secure a comfortable $5m+ victory over Fox/DreamWorks’ dragon animation, which took in a satisfactory $2m after a 20.00 start with its target family audiences not arriving until Saturday and Sunday.


Strong reviews gave a boost to both films with Dragon 2 enjoying a current 92% Rotten Tomatoes rating against 22’s prednisone from canada
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Thailand junta ban ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ screening

June 13th, 2014 - Graham Eley

A disturbing development in troubled Thailand has seen organisers cancel a weekend screening of Michael Radford’s take on George Orwell’s dystopian classic, ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four‘.  They were responding to a warning/threat from local police that the presentation would constitute a contravention of the ruling junta’s current ban on political gatherings.  Public readings of the novel have become a symbolic form of protest against last month’s military coup d’é prednisone with paypal
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Beatty’s Howard Hughes biopic enters post production

June 11th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Warren Beatty has completed filming on his Howard Hughes biopic after securing funding earlier this year.  It focuses on the eccentric billionaire’s affair with a young woman late in life and should form a companion to Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Aviator’, which covered Hughes’ early years.  It will be Beatty’s first film in the director’s chair since his Golden Globe nominated ‘Bulworth’ sixteen years ago.cheapest prednisone online
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Variance acquires Panahi’s ‘Closed Curtain’,

June 11th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Variance Films have picked up North American distribution rights to Jafar Panahi’s provocatively titled ‘Closed Curtain’, the Iranian director’s second film made under house arrest and in contravention of his 20 year filmmaking ban.  It marks Panahi’s return to narrative drama after challenging the authorities head-on with his documentary, ‘This is Not a Film’, and features a reclusive screenwriter who protects a young woman on the run.  Panahi won a best screenplay Silver Bear when the film debuted at Berlin earlier this year.propecia
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David Fincher and Rooney Mara in negotiations for spy thriller

June 10th, 2014 - Graham Eley

David Fincher and Rooney Mara are set to renew their director/actress collaboration from ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘The Social Network’ in 20th Century Fox’s adaptation of Jason Matthews’ post-Soviet/Cold War spy bestseller, ‘Red Sparrow’.  Mara will play a Russian spy who becomes embroiled in dangerous gameplay with her opposite number once the old rules no longer apply and a new order beckons.  Eric Singer, best known for writing ‘American Hustle’, will provide the script.propecia brand buy
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Josh Brolin reunites with the Coens

June 10th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Josh Brolin has come aboard the Coen Bros’ next feature, ‘Hail Caesar!’, to star alongside the already announced George Clooney.  It has all the hallmarks of a classic Coen’s idiosyncratic set up with a 1950’s Hollywood ‘fixer’ doing a PR job on wayward stars.  Universal Pictures will distribute worldwide.get propecia cheap
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‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ performs stronger internationally

June 10th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Doug Liman’s sci-fi adventure, ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, moved up a gear internationally, grossing a strong $81m from a second week expansion into 63 markets.  It went some way to compensating for the $178m production’s disappointing debut in North America where the film failed to connect notwithstanding strong reviews.  China led the way overseas with a powerful $25.1m from 6,813 screens for Cruise’s highest ever opening in the territory.propecia price in thailand
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Jimmy’s Hall

June 10th, 2014 - Graham Eley

A fire burns in Jimmy Gralton’s head as it does with the narrator of Yeat’s poem ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus’, which locals debate at the Pearse-Connolly Hall named after leaders from the Easter Rising.


This is the hall that gives the film its title – ‘Jimmy’s Hall’ – which Gralton built after Ireland had established its independence from British rule.  It’s multi-functional, used for educating and entertaining villagers; very commendable you would think, but not so in the eyes of the priests, who saw the going’s on as a challenge to the Church’s authority.


The opening sequence is a montage of evocative archive footage taken from Twenties New York, where Gralton had spent the decade in exile; witnessing Wall Street’s rise and fall first hand.


The next has Gralton returning to Ireland after the death of his brother, alongside flashbacks from his life before departing.  When he reopens the hall, egged on by a new disaffected youth – history repeating itself – it rekindles a lost hope and old hatreds in equal measure; feeding two quasi-legends, one the re-emergence of a working class hero and the other an “antichrist” corrupting the fold.


And these are the battle-lines that bring Gralton into serious conflict with the orthodox hardliner, Father Sheridan, all fire and brimstone, seemingly delivering a permanent sermon on a loop and natural successor to another Father, Joyce’s Arnall from ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’.


They are diagonally opposed.  There is no room for compromise here – it’s all or nothing – but they secretly acknowledge each other, at least from a distance, for having the courage of their own convictions.


Sheridan labels Gralton a Stalinist but employs Soviet style ‘hammer and sickle’ tactics for suppressing his rival.  Intolerance rules with a new order that is more oppressive than the Brits and there can be only be one winner.


This is a film of how Gralton became the only Irishman to be deported without a trial.


It’s also a film that pays homage to a courageous apolitical attempt to prioritise the community over the individual and co-operation over competition.


But Gralton’s inner fire is not only a passion for tackling an injustice inflicted in the name of the scriptures.  Like Yeat’s narrator, he has love in his heart, a love for Oonagh, a mutual love from years earlier but one he is destined to experience from a distance, different continents and in isolation ’till time and times are done’.


And he has a passion for the new music of the Jazz Age, the ‘rhythms from darkest Africa’ as Sheridan puts it.  Some of the film’s most relaxed scenes have Gralton teaching Oonagh and others the liberating dances that come with it.  Some of its most disturbing depict the barbaric reprisals, ugly symptoms of a divided society still reeling from civil war where the bloody wounds remain wide open.


Barry Ward and Jim Norton lend a charisma to Gralton and Sheridan respectively that is compelling, and whenever Eileen Henry is on the screen as Gralton’s mother, she takes us to that special place – a totally unaffected natural reality – that only newcomers seem to find; something that Loach treasures, perhaps more than anything.


Paul Laverty’s script is often understated notwithstanding dealing with fiery subject matter and all the more affecting for it.


And we find Loach in both reflective and angry mood and he provokes similar emotions in us as we leave the cinema.  It’s a fitting companion to his Palme d’Or winner, ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’.order propecia 1mg
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