Quiet launch for ‘Tammy’

July 4th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Thursday had greater importance than usual for the domestic box office playing more like a Friday ahead of America’s 4th July celebrations.


Not that there was any doubt as to the holiday weekend’s No. 1 with ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’, the fourth of the franchise, always having too much for the new releases.  Michael Bay’s latest tentpole added a further  $9.45m on Thursday, up 23% from the previous day, and will become the first film since ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ to retain the top spot on its second weekend hold.


But Warner Bros’ Melissa McCarthy comedy vehicle, ‘Tammy’ was expected to put up more of a fight.  Abysmal reviews – 28% on RT – and a poor audience ‘C+’ CinemaScore already looks like a word-of-mouth double whammy with a disappointing $5.5m Thursday following its quiet launch.  Market analysts were expecting the film to exceed $35m comfortably over the five days but it could fall as much as 5m below that mark.


There is a close battle between two other openers currently occupying the session’s third and fourth places.  Scott Derrickson, who recently co-wrote Atom Egoyan’s ‘Devil’s Knot’ with Paul Harris Boardman, has seen his fourth film in the director’s chair, ‘Deliver Us From Evil’, gross a soft $5.5m since its Wednesday launch.  The $30m horror thriller is marginally ahead of Dave Green’s debut, ‘Earth To Echo’, but the latter’s superior ‘A-‘ CinemaScore against a ‘B-‘ could give it the momentum to pull away over the weekend.propecia propak cost
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