L.A. Preview: Rania Attieh’s and Daniel Garcia’s ‘Recommended By Enrique’

June 8th, 2014 - Graham Eley

Loosely based on a true story, Rania Attieh’s and Daniel Garcia’s latest collaboration, ‘Recommended By Enrique’, is set in the border town of Del Rio, Texas.  The film features two strangers; a hopeful actress coming to terms with a no-show film director and an ageing cowboy whose associate has had to pack his bags in a hurry.  It offers an obvious ready made opportunity for exploring celebrity, social constructs, other filmic myths and an array of different ‘borders’ that extend beyond the geographical.  The filmmakers previously made the Lebanese drama, ‘Ok, Enough, Goodbye’.cheap canadian cialis onlinepricing for cialis generic cialis india safe cost of cialis in dubai buy cialis in los angeles purchase cialis uk cialis buy australia




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