Cannes Preview 2014: Jean-Luc Godard’s Goodbye To Language 3D

A cause for celebration for some and a tiresome irrelevance to others, this is a new film from one of cinema’s giants, a film provocateur par excellence – the real deal innovator – who has excited multiple contrary reactions over his fifty-year plus career; variously, the greatest filmmaker ever; never a filmmaker but an artist working with filmic material, a forerunner to the video artist; and the leading light of the French La Nouvelle Vague – along with the more conventional François Truffaut – but an incomprehensible voice thereafter.  Whatever your take, Jean-Luc Godard has always engaged with language – film and beyond – and the title to his new feature ‘Goodbye To Language 3D’ is probably more informative than the official synopsis, which teases us with some ironic/sardonic word play that uses sharp insight and knowing pseudo-bollocks to describe a dysfunctional love affair and a dog.


Official synopsis:


‘The idea is simple:


A married woman and a single man meet.


They love, they argue, fists fly.


A dog strays between town and country.


The seasons pass.


The man and woman meet again.


The dog finds itself between them.


The other is in one,


the one is in the other


and they are three.


The former husband shatters everything.


A second film begins:


the same as the first,


and yet not.


From the human race we pass to metaphor.


This ends in barking


and a baby’s cries.


In the meantime, we will have seen


people talking of the demise of the dollar,


of truth in mathematics


and of the death of a robin.’.

In the full game, players will be able to explore a medieval have a glance at this hyperlink town and engage in combat with other players over the internet

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