Daily Index (11 January 2013)

After expanding to sixty locations last weekend for an excellent $13,750 per-theatre average, Sony went nationwide with ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ on Friday and comfortably took the No 1 spot.  Seemingly always in the headlines, whether it be for the alleged Government leaks to the production team or Kathryn Bigelow’s unexpected failure to land a best director’s nomination at the Oscars, the controversial Osama bin Laden thriller returned a further estimated $9m.  It should gross approximately $25m over the the three days.


‘A Haunted House’ won the battle of the new Friday releases in a close contest, grossing a decent but unexceptional estimated $6.7m.  The comedy horror should finish the weekend around $17m.


‘Gangster Squad’ was $0.03m behind in third place, but, with the benefit of a more extensive marketing campaign, it may edge passed ‘A Haunted House’ over the three days.  Overall it’s a lukewarm performance though and the crime thriller’s weekend tally looks set to fall below $20m.


Last week’s No 1, ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’, spectacularly nose dived and returned an estimated $1.8m in eighth place.  This represented a shocking 82% fall.ampicillin rash ampicillin injection ampicillin for acne ampicillin capsules

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