Future My Love and the Modernist documentary

Modernism is alive and kicking within documentary filmmaking and can be found in the experimental debut feature of Maja Borg, ‘Future My Love’.


And stylistically it works very well.  A verbal letter replaces a traditional commentary, which is less arbitrary than Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil but will, nevertheless, draw comparisons.  Diverse contemporary interviews, poetic footage and archival material seamlessly blend into a non-linear narrative that sits on the cusp of artistic vision and political statement.  And there is a nod to Alain Resnais with scenes and voice overs repeated at surprising times but it adds clarity to the main thrust of Borg’s argument rather than infusing the text with ‘Last Year in Marienbad’ style ambiguity; a necessary ploy for the documentary format.


Here, the Modernist devices serve and frame a meditation/reflection on new beginnings at a personal and global level with Borg pulling together two threads; the demise of her relationship with Italian actress Nadya Cazan and the fall of our outmoded monetary system.  The letter becomes a valediction to both and Borg explores a replacement that takes us to the futuristic theories of the quirky inventor/alternative thinker, Jacque Fresco.


How unfortunate, then, that the film’s subject is not really worthy of its formal and stylistic ingenuity.


Fresco’s Venus Project is a prototype of sorts for a new society that can only come into being once Capitalism fails – there is no acknowledgement to Marx but perhaps Fresco/Borg consider the ‘M’ word too provocative; particularly for American audiences.  He extols the virtue of cooperation and community over competition and individualism – nothing wrong with that – but it all goes horribly wrong with his solution for a money free alternative.  Wait for it – Fresco proposes that we surrender control to computers for organising our economy and producing food and other resources – via 3D printing – whilst we put our feet up and enjoy a new Golden Age where the concept of ownership does not exist.  It’s an obvious recipe for a dystopian nightmare of genetic and social engineering that sounds more like a synopsis for a sci-fi ‘B’ movie than a serious theory.


But Fresco is right about one thing.  Limited resources will eventually end the economic cycles that have repeatedly bailed out our chronically flawed Capitalism – the ever decreasing circles of financial ruin and the political manifestos of self-deluding deceit/mythology.  Fresco’s proposals may be as absurd and dangerous as Social Darwinism at the other end of the scale, but we need a new plan A and we need it now.buy cialis online overnight delivery lowest cost for cialis generic cialis with dapoxetine discount cialis coupon
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