Golden Globes’ 2013

The Golden Globes hold a unique status in the awards season, enjoying the razzmatazz of a major event but, unlike the industry guilds, their members do not vote for the Oscars.  Unsurprisingly, therefore, they have consistently sent out mixed messages; picking up on some trends from earlier awards whilst managing to retain enough independence for springing surprises.  It is an ambiguous position that has led to the winners of the Globes’ best drama or musical/comedy categories accounting for only 50% of the last twelve best film successes at the Oscars; too low for a reliable indicator and too high to be ignored.


The big question emerging from last night’s Globes’ awards ceremony is whether Lincoln’s failure to convert its seven nominations – higher than any other film – into more than Daniel Day-Lewis’ best actor in a drama victory, indicates that the Globes are picking up on a wider trend or establishing their independence.  Lincoln has remained the favourite to take best film at the Oscars throughout the awards season notwithstanding a disappointing performance in the pre-Christmas critics awards, but after missing out on a best director’s nomination at the BAFTA’s last week and the disappointment at the Globes, the race is starting to look more competitive than ever.


The position of its main challengers, though, is not looking any clearer.  For the two big winners at the Globes, Argo (best dramatic film and director) and Les Miz (best musical/comedy) or Zero Dark Thirty, which has already claimed ten best film victories this winter, to walk away from the Oscars with the top prize, they will have to break the long established trend of the winner also having a best director nomination.  On the other hand, out of those competing against Lincoln in that category, Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook had disappointing nights at the Globes, and Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild seem to lack the necessary industry support.  In reality, the Producer Guild Awards (Jan. 26) are looking more important than ever as the key indicator in the annual trending game.ampicillin rash ampicillin injection ampicillin for acne ampicillin capsules

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