‘Gone Girl’ on pace for Fincher record

David Fincher’s Oscar hopeful, ‘Gone Girl’, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, opened at the North American box office with a huge $13.2m Friday (inc $1.2m from Thursday previews).  This should translate to a stunning $36m weekend for Fincher’s highest ever debut and a good $13m ahead of Fox’s estimate.  An average ‘B’ CinemaScore will be a slight concern for long term momentum but the strong reviews – currently 87% on RT from a high 200 – are more likely to influence the film’s target mature audience.


New Line’s low budget R-rated horror ‘Annabelle’ did even better on Friday with a bumper $15.5m launch (inc $2.1m from Thursday previews) but it will not be enough to beat ‘Gone Girl’ over the weekend after allowing for the usual genre front loading.  Even so, a ‘B’ CinemaScore from the notoriously hard marking horror crowd – equivalent to an ‘A-‘/’B+’ elsewhere – will drive it towards a $32m weekend, better than any other horror debut this year.


The other weekend wide opener, Freestyle’s bestseller adaptation, ‘Left Behind’, starring Nicolas Cage, proved true to the film’s title in not connecting with its target ‘faith’ audience.  It could only muster a weak $2.3m on Friday, leaving the film facing a disappointing $7m over the weekend.


UPDATE ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Annabelle’ performed stronger than expected on Saturday and both films are now tracking at $38m for the three days.


Capitalising on the mature audience’s preference for Saturday and Sunday viewing, ‘Gone Girl’ banked a further $15m during its second day in play.


‘Annabelle’ mitigated front loading with strong word of mouth for an outstanding $14m Saturday, a modest fall below 10%.


At last, giving the box office something to celebrate after a difficult summer, it will be the first time in two months that two films have debuted over $30m.

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