L.A. Preview: Mike Ott’s ‘Lake Los Angeles’

Mike Ott launches a feature at LAFF for the first time since his debut film, ‘Analog Days’, eight years ago.  And the film’s location is at the nearby Lake Los Angeles, a Sixties artificial paradise resort gone wrong and now a waste land for society’s outsiders with nowhere else to go.  Otto looks at it from the perspective of two illegal immigrants; one a Cuban exile working at a holding house and the other a 10 year old Mexican girl who has lost contact with her family.  Both came to the US searching for a promised land and discovered the ghost of an artificial American Dream instead, a tragic but familiar irony.  It seems to have the same spirit as Alma Har’el’s outstanding ‘Bombay Breach’, a fitting conclusion to Ott’s desert trilogy after ‘Littlerock’ and ‘Pearblossom Hwy’.  Strictly speaking, Ott gives us a narrative drama and Har’el a documentary, but they are likely to meet at the half way point with a fusion of the two disciplines.  There are high expectations for this one.cialis going generic buy cialis online malaysia buy generic cialis online india cialis express delivery

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