Lightning strikes again at the North American box office

‘Saw’ director, James Wan, has done it again; blowing box office projections out of the water with his latest low budget horror flick.  Earlier this year, Wan’s $13m The Conjuring smashed the North American box office with an outstanding $41.5m weekend launch and now he is at it again with Insidious: Chapter 2.  Made with an even lower budget, $5m by all accounts, the family fright sequel grossed an astonishing $20m on Friday from 3,049 sites and could come close to equalling The Conjuring’s tally after the three day session.  The first Insidious instalment returned $13m during its opening weekend three years ago and its co-stars, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, both returned for the sequel.


The film received a disappointing response from critics but, unsurprisingly, horror fans were undeterred.  First night audiences gave it an encouraging ‘B+’ Cinemascore rating,  indicating some scope for positive word of mouth.


The weekend’s other wide new release, ‘The Family’, starring Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer, also over performed.  Luc Besson’s mafia comedy earned a strong $5.4m on Friday and it should finish the weekend around the $16m mark, 50% higher than market projections.cheapest inderalbuy propranolol canadainderal online ukinderal

September 14th, 2013 - admin

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