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Modern Anthropology in the United States and United Kingdom, along with much of the Western World, continues to be influenced by the "Four Field Approach&quot ;. This approach, originally popularized by Franz Boas (the "Father of American/Modern Anthropology"), targets four distinct sub-fields from the larger discipline of anthropology: the cultural, physical, linguistic, and archaeological studies.

Chances are, unless you are taking introductory courses or ones devoted to a dissertation/thesis, your Anthropology class(es) matches one of them four afformentioned fields. For example, "Language Thought and Culture" (an introductory linguistic course) would fit neatly into its respective field. "Human Origins" would have been a physical anthropology course, "The Archaeology of Mesoamerica" could be an archaeological one, and "Medical Anthropology" will be a cultural anthropology course.

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