South By Southwest Film Festival 2013 (March 8-17)

Feature competition:


Awful Nice
Todd Sklar


Todd Sklar’s comedy, starring Alex Rennie and James Pumphrey, has two estranged brothers rebuilding the family home and a sibling relationship after the death of their father.  It is the follow-up to Sklar’s debut feature, ‘Box Elder’, which received a limited US release.



Carlos Puga


A father, who abandoned his terminally ill wife nine years earlier, unexpectedly reappears at a family reunion.  Carlos Puga is mainly known for his TV work (‘True Life’) but did make his theatrical debut eleven years ago with the comedy, ‘The S1gnificance of Se7enteen’.  Christopher Abbott (Martha Marcy May Marlene) stars alongside Gaby Hoffmann.



Improvement Club
Dayna Hanson


Dayna Hanson’s intriguing debut feature employs dance as an integral part of the storytelling.  Magge Brown and Dave Proscia star alongside Hanson in a musical drama that focuses on the challenges facing a politically motivated avant-garde performance group.



Jonathan Singer-Vine


After serving two years in the ‘Big House’ for a robbery gone wrong, a young offender must decide upon the future shape of his life.  Jonathan Singer-Vine’s feature debut has newcomer, Stanley “Doe” Hunt, playing the lead character, who goes by the enigmatic name ‘D’.



The Retrieval
Chris Eska


Chris Eska came to the fore with his festival hit, ‘August Evening’, which won multiple awards, including the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes’ prize.  After a six year wait, Eska returns with his follow-up, ‘The Retrieval’, a civil war bounty hunter drama, which will be very different from Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’.



Short Term 12
Destin Daniel Cretton


Destin Daniel Cretton’s ‘troubled adolescents facility’ short film, ‘Short Term 12’ won many awards on the festival circuit, including the coveted top prize at Sundance.  His latest feature of the same name, deals with similar territory and follows a young supervisor at a foster home as she faces demanding situations that extend beyond the day job.  In between, Cretton directed the indie music drama, ‘I Am Not a Hipster’.



Swim Little Fish Swim
Ruben Amar and  Lola Bessis


Ruben Amar has collaborated with writer/producer Lola Bessis on various shorts including festival favourite, ‘Checkpoint’.  The pair have now joined forces as co-directors of ‘Swim Little Fish Swim’, a surreal drama looking at an unconventional young couple with competing ideologies.



This Is Where We Live
Josh Barrett and Marc Menchaca


Local handyman forms bond with a boy suffering from cerebral palsy before becoming close to the boy’s mother in a complex domestic drama.  It is Josh Barrett and Marc Menchaca’s debut feature and stars CK McFarland.


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