‘The Butler’ mounts astonishing recovery

1. Lee Daniel’s The Butler (TWC) WTC Int’l $20m $79.2m (1)
2. One Direction: This Is Us (Sony/TriStar) SPRI $18m (NE)
3. We’re The Millers (Warner Bros) WBPI $15.9m ($112.8m) (2)
4. Planes (Buena Vista) WDSMPI $10.6m ($73.7m) (5)
5. Instructions Not Included (Lionsgate) Lionsgate Int’l $10m (NE)


After Sony’s ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ stormed into a $5m lead on Friday over a steadily performing ‘The Butler’, it was heading, on all accounts, for a comfortable win at the North American Labor Day box office, only the scale of the victory seemed in doubt.  Few – probably nobody – predicted otherwise but how spectacularly wrong were these initial assumptions, making a complete mockery of market expectations and expert analysis.


Morgan Spurlock’s concert doc still led the pack Sunday night but was slowing faster than Friday’s ‘A’ CinemaScore had suggested and found its lead reduced by half.  And then, ‘The Butler’, which had been gaining momentum over the weekend, continued to push on at an astonishing rate, finishing the session $2m ahead of its rival with a spectacular $20m.


It was still a good weekend for ‘One Direction’ nevertheless.  Although it fell short of the heights that Friday promised, the film’s $18m was $2-3m more than Sony had anticipated before the release and sits well with the production’s $10m budget.


Warner Bros’s ‘We’re the Millers’ also exceeded expectations with a strong hold in third place.  Active in a market high 3,445 theatres, the daring comedy grossed a further $16m and passed the $100m mark along the way.


But, arguably, notwithstanding these strong performances, pride of place in the top five belonged to Eugenio Derbez’s ‘Instructions Not Included’.  The Mexican comedy grossed a jaw dropping $10m over the four days from just 347 theatres.


Meanwhile, it was an appalling weekend for Warner Bros’ ‘Getaway’.  After a battering from the critics and a ‘C+’ CinemaScore, the crime thriller was a complete misfire, taking a lousy $5.5m en route, presumably, to disappear without a trace.doxycycline costdoxycycline genericbuy doxycycline ukdoxycycline buy

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